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Power supply DC12V 2A


Stock number: 131228


Input Voltage: AC 110V-220V±15%

Output Voltage: DC12V 2A

Output Current:

Power: Amp multiply volt

Shell Material: Metal case / Aluminum case

Working Temperature: 0~40C

Storage Temperature: -20~60C

Ambient Humidity: 0~95%


Connection: L, N: AC power input

GND: DC power output "-"

V: DC power output "+" +V /

ADJ: Adjust the output voltage

Working Temperature: 0~40 deg.

Storage Temperature: -20~60 deg

Ambient Humidity: 0~95%

Non-Condensation Dimension : ( Manual measurement,Maybe it has 3-5mm measurement error.)

Type (Output) Size (LxWxH) Intput Voltage (AC)

Package include:

1pc x Power supply DC12V 2A

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