"Your one stop shop for your accessories and more..."

1. What is Gusto Ko Toh all about?

Gusto Ko Toh, is a one stop shop for your accessory needs and more. Our store showcases products that you will need or products that you didn’t knew you need.

Discover Gusto Ko Toh now:

  • Where wants meets practicality
  • Where you will find things you didn't knew you need
  • Where you will find practical gadgets, real estate, services,  and financial products all in one place

2. Are the products in the “store” tab on hand?

Yes, we do keep stocks in our physical store. In rare occasion if we run out of stocks we usually restock immediately unless our supplier cannot supply as of the moment.

3. What makes you unique from other online stores?

We stock items and we have fast processing that is why you can receive your item much quicker. And in case to case basis we do meet ups.

4. Where can I view the actual item?

You may view it at our physical store

5. Can you ship the items I want?

Yes, we can ship it thru LBC but buyer is responsible for the shipping fee.

6. How can I contact your office?

You may reach us at:

Cellphone: 0918 911 1516

Landline: (032) 350-2156


Facebook: Gusto Ko Toh

Store Address: 

71 - A Van Kamagong, Lahug, Cebu City

7. What is your store hours?

We try to follow this schedule:

Mon-Fri: 8:00am - 9:00pm 

Sat-Sun: 9:00am - 9:00pm

However we have other matters to attend to so to be sure please contact us initially before coming to the store.

8. How can I purchase from you?

Please click here

9. Are all your items for sale brand new?

Yes, all of our items in our store are brand new.

10. Can you ship multiple items in 1 package?

Yes, as long as it will fit in the pouch.

11. Do the images in the “store” the same as the actual items in your physical store?

Most if not all are the same but on rare occasions it may have a difference. We can send you the current actual picture thru email, facebook or viber upon request.

12. Will there be any price change?

Yes, but this is seldom. We try to have a stable price. Prices on the website are the current prices while prices from advertisements (outside Gusto Ko Toh website) may or may not be the current price. 

13. How can I track my order?

You may track it thru LBC website (

14. Do you meet up?

Yes, on case to case basis

15. What are your payment options?

Bank deposit

Security Bank 

Account name: Ronald Theodore V. Espina

Account number: 0000-003292-835


Account name: Ronald Theodore V. Espina

Account number: 2949-1155-88

East West 

Account name: Ronald Theodore V. Espina

Account number: 139-68-024528

Allied Bank 

Account name: Ronald Theodore V. Espina

Account number: 1526-014061

Remittance Centers  (please choose instant remittance not door to door to avoid any delay)


M Lhuillier

Cebuana Lhuillier

Palawan Pera Padala

16. After paying for an item do I need to send you the receipt or deposit slip?

No, you don’t need to send a copy of the receipt or deposit slip. Just notify us and we will give you a confirmation.

17. What is the warranty of your items?

All items are covered by a 3 day warranty

For item/s that are shipped the 3 day warranty will start upon delivery of the item/s or arrival at LBC branch (for pickup) 

18. Can you provide the software for my item purchased from your store?

Yes, we can provide it as long as it originally came together with your item. You just need to go to the download section.

19. Can you give technical support?

Yes, we can.

20. Are you really legit?

Yes, we are. Please click here