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How To Buy Guide:

Customers within Cebu:

You may visit our shop directly, please text or call ahead of time.
 Location: 71 – A Van Kamagong, Lahug, Cebu City  (sketch here)


Arrange a delivery (an additional delivery fee will added on top of the price of the item and is subject to our time availability)

We will require a payment in advance due to “bogus buyers  (see payment methods below)

Customers outside Cebu:

1.) You may call, text or send as a message (click here) the availability of the item/s, please include your name and location.

2.)  Once you made up your order please notify us ahead of time before sending the money.  After payment is received we will ship the item(s) within the day, provided it is before our cutoff time of 10:45am (weekdays and Saturdays), transactions after the said cutoff will be for the following day if weekday and if Saturday it will be for Monday. We will give you a tracking number so that you can monitor your parcel. We ship thru LBC.

Shipping fee will depend on the following:

You can save on the shipping fee by ordering items all at once so we can ship it together.

Payment methods:

Bank deposit
Account name: Gusto Ko Toh Store
Account number: 006-090-456-534

Security Bank
Account name: Ronald Theodore V. Espina
Account number: 0000-003292-835

Account name: Ronald Theodore V. Espina
Account number: 2949-1155-88

East West
Account name: Ronald Theodore V. Espina
Account number: 139-68-024528

Remittance Centers  (please choose instant remittance not door to door to avoid any delay)
M Lhuillier
Cebuana Lhuillier
Palawan Pera Padala